About us

Sinnalba Group Ltd specialise in turnkey project management solutions including technology, manufacturing, power projects, supply chain management, change management, total organisation fulfilment and financial solutions.

Established three years ago, and having originated in Scotland, Sinnalba now has a presence in China, North Africa and Europe with an impressive team of experts combining global experience in top management, project execution and corporate finance.

Specialising in solar energy, green, eco-friendly and other renewable technologies, our technical team of experts develop and adapt existing cutting-edge green technologies and renewable energies in emerging economies to help reduce the carbon footprint throughout the world.

Through innovation, strategic management, knowledge and the optimisation of manufacturing plants and facilities, and power projects Sinnalba acts as a conduit to provide emerging markets with vision, governance and competitive competence.

Sinnalba is not limited to one geographical area or industry sector. We offer opportunities within every sector of the global marketplace project management and fulfilment opportunities.