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Everybody in the company is part of the quality team – a quality commitment at every level not only reduces waste but also delivers a more efficient, rewarding and profitable company for employees, shareholders and customers.

Quality should be part of the DNA of a company; it isn’t an afterthought or something that can be added on later, it is critical to long-term profitability and sustainability. We design functional organisations that support this based on experience won over decades. Quality is typically hierarchal managed separately but with a seamless interaction within each other: Quality system, Quality Assurance and Quality control are separate interdependent systems. Sinnalba has the expertise and experience to deploy a quality culture from the early conception of the project.

Our expertise in implementing organisation-wide total quality management systems, predicated on data collection and analysis, emphasising multi-directional information, knowledge and feedback flow facilitates continuous improvement of both the product and the production process.

We also advise on product certification and on compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

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