Turn key manufacturing

Turnkey Manufacturing

Consolidate your production process, save money, and get to market faster with Sinnalba's turnkey manufacturing services. Every detail of your project is critical, that’s why we take great care in developing processes to seamlessly deliver a product to your customers. With Sinnalba setting up your manufacturing operations, your resources will be freed-up to focus on what you do best.

Our team has considerable expertise in developing green-field sites into efficient manufacturing facilities running at full capacity, according to our clients’ timescales. Our knowledge-base extends to the production equipment technology, vendors selection and negotiation process; building and managing a cost-effective supply chain; logistics planning; the recruitment of all personnel, from operations to management, and the implementation of a quality management system. As such, we can deliver lean, ‘just-in-time’ manufacturing operations of any size – from prototype and demonstration production lines to high-volume mass manufacturing – with a stable, traceable process flow built upon fully integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP), materials requirement planning (MRP) or manufacturing resource planning (MRP II) systems.

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