Sinnalba specialise in complex project management solutions

We don’t just aim to change the landscape of industry.
Our task is to create a new one for generations to come.

Sinnalba specialises in breaking new ground in complex turnkey project management solutions, corporate strategic advice and transaction advisory services in a number of core business areas including technology, manufacturing, supply chain management, change management, total organisation fulfilment and financial solutions.

Established in Scotland in 2014, we now have a presence in China, North Africa and Europe with an impressive team of experts combining international experience in strategy, management, project execution and corporate finance.

This global coverage puts us in an ideal position to help our clients find new ways of doing things in a fast-changing world – such as reducing the environmental impact of energy consumption by adopting new technologies in everything from transportation and new materials to the internet of things.

Sinnalba acts as a conduit to provide emerging markets with vision, governance and competitive competence in:

  • Developing tomorrow’s world
  • Total manufacturing solutions
  • Innovation
  • Project Management

We are not limited to one geographical area or industry sector – which means we can offer project management and fulfilment opportunities across the board.

Put simply, we aim to see beyond the possibilities of today to help our clients build a better world tomorrow.