Working With Partners - How We Are Preparing For Tomorrows World

In a rapidly moving world change and uncertainty are inevitable. This places a premium on the value Sinnalba can gain working with trusted advisors. We work with them to gain insights and advice searching for growth and opportunity.

To quote Mark Weinberger  of Ernst and Young
“Rapidly advancing technology allows companies and individuals to do business in new ways and allows innovation to flourish as never before. Technology is redefining the market for everyone. As industry boundaries blur, competition is approaching from all quarters: from start-ups with new ideas and disruptive business models to established companies in unrelated sectors.”

What can we do today that will make a difference to the world of tomorrow?

Sinnalba believes the answer lies in bringing the best minds together. Working with clients who want to shape their future for a better tomorrow. A new world is emerging: economic power is shifting to Asia, sustainable energy is now central to how we want to live and new technologies are emerging that provide further change for good.

It is the combination of the best talent and best technology that will shape the future. As tomorrow’s world will be different, so it is with Sinnalba. We look across the complete technology spectrum and the innovative companies in the field. And we look at how the pieces can be put together in a different way. From energy to transport to healthcare to new materials and the internet of things, the potential is endless. New technology, advanced manufacturing, fresh investment and innovative business models all play their part. None of this is without complexity, which is why Sinnalba focuses on keeping it simple for our clients while minimising risk.

A solid concept-to-delivery project management principle allows our clients to be fleet-of-foot to take advantage of the next megatrends.

  •  Digitisation. In the digital world there is more choice, a greater need for efficiency and more opportunity to be competitive. Employees can work anywhere, and the boundaries between home and work are eroded. Consumers can readily pick and choose. The digital economy breeds more digitisation.
  • Energy system revolution. Where energy is generated, how it is despatched and when it is used is all part of the smart grid. Who owns the right to supply the energy and what that business model looks like, forms part of the energy revolution. There are major opportunities in how people will generate and consume energy in the future.
  • The internet of things. Smaller, cheaper and smarter sensors are being introduced – in healthcare, transportation, energy networks, homes and mobile applications, as well as manufacturing processes.
  • E-mobility. Where the energy system revolution meets the internet of things, creating greater efficiency in getting from A to B. Cars will not be just driverless – they will become part of the energy infrastructure.
  • New materials. Advanced composite materials are key to tomorrow’s high-performance products with strong and lightweight form, replacing traditional materials. New generation semiconductors will build the basis for a compound semiconductor industry which will outperform silicon in many applications.
  • Human machine interaction. No longer do we have to adapt to machines – they will now adapt to us. Advanced technologies are coming together to transform many aspects of everyday life.


Sinnalba is helping our clients today, to realise the opportunities of tomorrow.

  • APRICUM View

    Apricum is a strategy consulting and transaction advisory firm focusing on the broader renewable energy and cleantech sector. Apricum adds value through the many stages of project development – from planning to due diligence, identifying sources of value, and evaluation of business models.

    As a cleantech specialist, Apricum is able to draw upon its technology expertise, international track record, and deep understanding of market dynamics to maximise value for its clients.

    Apricum provides strategy development and project management as well as technical research for Sinnalba.

  • DENTONS View

    As the world’s largest law firm serving over 60 countries, Dentons’ global reach is essential for its work with Sinnalba. Connected to the places where its clients want to do business, Dentons has an understanding of local cultures which is crucial to sealing the deal.

    The firm’s long-established involvement in Sinnalba’s business has repeatedly delivered a highly responsive and fast-turnaround in contract negotiation, providing the most efficient and economic structure for all stakeholders.

    Sinnalba benefits from direct access to top-tier legal talent with experience in 24 business sectors and 40 practices. Dentons’ Global M&A group provides Sinnalba with specialist cross-border knowledge and services.


    Quest is a Corporate Finance Boutique based in Edinburgh, offering a unique approach to corporate transactions and using its experience and market knowledge to provide a results-focused service. Quest Corporate works with Sinnalba to provide corporate finance and acquisition strategies.

  • Whitespace View

    Whitespace are a creative agency that tackles challenges with an open and collaborative approach. They put the audience first and never settle in the pursuit to deliver the best results for their client. Their specialisms include: brand & identity, digital, content marketing and campaign marketing. Whitespace are working in collaboration with Sinnalba to develop client-focused animations and a presentation toolkit.

  • Steve Vickers & Associates ( View

    SVA is a specialist risk mitigation, corporate intelligence and risk consulting company. The company serves financial institutions, private equity funds, corporations, high net-worth individuals and insurance companies and underwriters around the world. SVA is led by Steve Vickers and they have more than 40 years’ operational experience across Asia; this in the Business Intelligence, Investigative Due Diligence, Political Risk, Corporate Investigation, Crisis Management and other Special Risk Insurance areas.

  • Wolfestone View

    Wolfestone is one of the leading translation and language services company in the UK, specialising in translation, localisation, multilingual SEO, interpreting, transcreation. Everything Wolfestone do is focused on one ultimate goal: complete customer satisfaction! Wolfestone have worked with Sinnalba since August 2016, translating contracts and investment documentations from Chinese to English and vice versa. This is a very successful partnership, combining their talented and skilled team and supported by the very best linguistic technology available.