Project Implementation, Manufacturing Solutions and Supply Chains

Every project is unique, depending on boundary conditions and deliverables required – and success relies on the correct blend of complex technical and financial analysis.

Sinnalba’s multicultural team, with origin and experience from five continents, can provide adapted solutions to any customer requirement. We understand the difficulties in creating a cohesive project team that must be tailored for every occasion, often including people from different organisations and countries who don’t usually work together.

This kind of project management requires specific skills, experience and highly adaptable people, which is where Sinnalba brings true strength in depth.

Taking any green-field manufacturing project from concept to completion can be complex. With over 120 years of combined experience in this field, we operate in emerging and established global markets to streamline the whole process, end to end. We identify and evaluate potential equipment suppliers and technology providers then secure robust, cost-effective supply agreements which minimise working capital requirements and time to market.

We also understand how to secure a reliable and responsive supply chain, which is essential to building and maintaining a lean, high-margin production process. By managing and mitigating risk in the supply network, optimising logistics and stripping out unnecessary costs, our expertise in supply chain management supports our clients in achieving successful operating strategies to achieve cost reduction targets and overall strategic performance objectives.

Sinnalba can take responsibility to deliver total manufacturing solutions from technology choice to building design, from training people to product design, and from manufacturing ramp-up to 24/7 operation. Key manufacturing objectives of  yield, performance, and throughput are central to total solutions Sinnalba provides clients.

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